It’s A Sad, Sad Day For This Ford Mustang GT350R


We are living in an age where horsepower is more accessible than ever before and with powerful EVs becoming more affordable and widely available, it probably won’t be long before many people can afford to buy a car with over 400 horses under their right foot. If the long-standing trend of Ford Mustang drivers crashing their muscle cars can teach us anything, though, it’s that not everyone can handle a car with plenty of ponies.

We’ve seen so many videos of Mustang drivers crashing over the years that it’s no longer shocking and instead, has almost become expected. This particular clip shows once again just how delicate you need to be to have some fun in the pony car.

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The Mustang in this video appears to be the much-coveted GT350R, as evidenced by its distinctive front and rear fascias, as well as its raucous engine and exhaust sounds. Anyone that has driven a GT3350R will know that it is one of the finest Mustang variants produced in recent years and that makes this incident that much more saddening.

The video starts off by showing a black Mustang GT leaving a car show with no drama. The black Mustang GT350R then pulls out onto the road and for whatever reason, the driver was unable to resist the urge to pin the throttle. Things quickly take a turn for the worse when, unable to control the wheel spin, the driver appears to overcorrect and forces the muscle car into a spin. The driver jumps on the brakes but it wasn’t enough to stop the car from sliding up the curb and slamming into a power pole.

It seems inevitable that the GT350R would have suffered some wheel and suspension damage in the crash, particularly on the driver’s side. However, this didn’t stop the driver from pulling away from the scene of crash and into a motel carpark, where they probably assessed the damage.


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