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It’s New Member Monday here at MinnPost, and your support today is critical to sustaining our nonprofit newsroom.

At MinnPost, we’re focused on you. Our reporters dive deep into the facts and context surrounding critical issues that affect everyday Minnesotans like you and me, and to help us really understand what’s happening in our state.

And just as our coverage is driven by Minnesotans, it’s also funded by Minnesotans. In fact, nearly two-thirds of our annual revenue comes from individual donors. Our work is simply not possible without support from our community of readers.

Will you join us as a new member today with a tax-deductible gift of any amount to help advance our mission and serve our great state with reliable, vital journalism?

YES! I’ll donate now

To help us stay on track to raise over $100,000 by Dec. 31, we need to hear from new members who are invested in the sustainability of MinnPost. Will you be one of them?

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Thank you to everyone who has already donated to MinnPost during our year-end member drive! Here’s what a few recent donors have had to say about why they chose to give to MinnPost:

“Informative, non inflammatory, News that gets at the heart of the issues. Well done!” — Katherine, Minneapolis

“High quality reporting on local, community, political news is indispensable and endangered. MinnPost is an invaluable resource.” — Mike, St. Paul

“The truth matters.” — Marg, Northfield

Gifts of ALL sizes come together to fund our nonprofit newsroom. Whether it’s $5/month or $100/month, all donations are vital to keeping MinnPost going strong. Will you join now with a gift of any amount right now?



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