Jaguar Uses Artificial Intelligence To Create Unique Social Media Artwork


Jaguar is dipping into the art world with its [un]reality Jaguar social media showcase that uses an advanced artificial intelligence system to transform text into an image.

The state-of-the-art artificial intelligence system, dubbed DALL·E, creates realistic images and art based on text descriptions. The British automaker says it is becoming a pioneer of next-generation technologies as part of its Reimagine overhaul that will see it become an all-electric modern luxury brand from 2025.

“AI embodies the daring and curious self-expression unique to Jaguar,” Jaguar Land Rover chief creative officer Gerry McGovern described in a press release. “It felt fitting to be one of the first brands to meaningfully utilize this technology by devoting our key social platforms to this unique creative form. Innovative and courageous, ‘[un]reality’ offers a glimpse of our ambitions for the brand.”

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Jaguar has used the DALL·E system to create singular artworks that will be shared across its social media channels. The advanced system can process up to 12 billion parameters when transforming words into pictures. Images created as part of the collection will be shared to Instagram and Twitter from November 16. The collection features six unique stories with each featuring three individual artworks bound together. The first is dubbed ‘Revisions’ and stages a Queer wedding in the 1950s.

Jaguar was created to be a copy of nothing. We embrace new technologies as tools for realizing and enhancing this creative commitment to uniqueness and self-expression,” global head of social at Jaguar Land Rover, Blane Chapman, said. “Where better to start than social media, the window into the brand. [un]reality is the latest-and, arguably, most daring yet-articulation of Jaguar’s untethered and expressive future.”


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