Jay Leno Left Impressed After Test Driving EarthRoamer LTi Camper


EarthRoamer is a company determined to change the way wealthy people experience the great outdoors. Its lineup of highly capable and luxuriously outfitted trucks has quickly become the industry standard and now the brand is showing off its LTi to none other than Jay Leno.

At their core, most EarthRoamers are variations on the same basic recipe. Take a very capable pickup truck, remove the normal bed, replace it with a well-appointed live-in space, make the whole thing incredibly capable off-road, and call it good. This particular model, the LTi, started out life as a normal Ford F-550 before being completely transformed by the folks at EarthRoamer.

Leno is immediately smitten with how well-built everything feels. “The level of workmanship is really incredible,” he says. The doors, latches, wheels, and 43-inch (yes, you read that right) tires are meant to basically be all but indestructible.

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The rear structure is made from two panels of carbon fiber with a foam core for structural rigidity. Not only is it tough but those materials help the EarthRoamer to save weight which is more vital than one might initially think it would be on the trail. Not only does a lower weight contribute to better fuel economy (which means you can go farther off-road), but it also makes tackling obstacles easier.

One of the biggest benefits of the Earthroamer is how well-suited it is to actually camping in the great outdoors. Enthusiasts with roof-top tents will know that making sure the vehicle is near-perfectly level is vital to a good experience. The EarthRoamer uses four-wheel independent air-ride shocks so owners can individually change height in place and level the vehicle no matter what the tires might be sitting on.

Once you’re settled in, the back of the EarthRoamer is so nice that you might miss out on some of the nature that you came to see. A wine cellar, an integrated coffee maker, an induction cooktop, and a microwave are all part of the kitchen.

Somehow, the driving experience might be the most impressive part of the EarthRoamer. Despite all of the big bulky components, the truck handles the trail with just about zero drama. The whole video is well worth a watch as the details are too extensive to fully cover here.


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