Jeep Avenger 4×4 Is A Chunkier Tough Concept Based On The New Baby EV


Jeep threw in a an added bonus when launching the 2023 Avenger baby SUV at today’s Paris Motor Show, taking us all by surprise by unveiling a tough-looking Avenger 4×4 alongside it. Billed as a concept, the show car will evolve into a production variant of the Avenger “in the future,” the company says.

Though clearly based on the subcompact Avenger, the 4×4 has a notably meaner presence thanks to wider fenders, larger and more aggressive off-road tires, and exposed tow hooks. There’s extra bodywork cladding, and built-in flood lights on the roof, and the approach, departure, and breakover angles are all improved to make the concept a more credible trail vehicle.

And to make sure the concept can be enjoyed to the full on those trails without damaging its pristine show-car paint (which actually looks disappointedly orange-peel-like in the close-up shot) there’s an anti-scratch grille treatment, plus more anti-scratch protection on the roof, which is fitted with a system of belts designed to strap luggage down without the need for a rack.

Other design features marking the concept out from a regular Avenger include blue detailing on the lower grille, hood, sill moldings, rear bumper, and on those roof belts, plus an anti-reflective coating on the hood.

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Jeep doesn’t provide any images or information about the 4×4’s interior, but gave away two big clues when it gave it the “4×4” name and then confirmed that “the new arrival will be added to Jeep’s range of 4xe models coming in the future.”

So far Jeep has only officially talked about the Avenger as a front-wheel drive “4×2” vehicle available with a choice of 154 hp (115 kW / 156 PS) electric motor, or a small combustion engine in markets like Italy and Spain that aren’t so keen to switch to EVs. But the “4xe” reference could mean the concept will make it to production as either a PHEV with a combustion engine up-front and an electric motor at the back, or as an all-wheel drive EV with a motor operating on each axle.

Whichever route Jeep takes, it’s one that will be reserved for European buyers. Jeep has no plans to bring the Avenger to North America.


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