Jeep Is Ending Production Of The Right-Hand Drive Cherokee


Jeep is axing the right-hand drive Cherokee, meaning that it will also be scrapped from markets including Australia.

The carmaker has been trimming the Cherokee range in Australia having already killed off the Limited and Trailhawk models, in addition to the entry-level four-cylinder Sport. It’s not just in Australia where the Cherokee’s fate has been signed as it has already been discontinued in Europe.

“Production of the Jeep Cherokee for main markets outside of North America, including right hand drive models, is ending in a drive to focus marketing and sales resources into key volume models,” a Jeep Australia spokesperson told Car Expert. “The Jeep Cherokee continues to be manufactured for Canada, the US and South Korea – where a version with a similar specification to North America is sold.”

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The Cherokee is the last mid-sized SUV in Australia available with a V6 engine and its discontinuation means Jeep will no longer sell a vehicle in what is Australia’s second-largest segment by volume.

Jeep is expected to unveil an all-electric successor to the Cherokee in the coming three years and there’s a good chance that it will be sold in Australia. It has also been confirmed that the electric Recon and Wagoneer S will be added to Jeep’s range Down Under when they’re ready for production.

Sales of the Cherokee have dwindled in Australia in recent years. In fact, just 382 examples were sold last year, a dramatic fall from grace when sales peaked at 6,156 units in 2015 before they plummeted to 2,079 in 2016 and have been declining ever since.


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