Joanne McNally reacts to being claimed as British



Joanne McNally has hilariously responded to a post claiming her as British.

The account ‘AdoreCelebs’ on Twitter posts images of British female celebrities. Following Joanne’s popular appearance on Love Island’s extra show ‘AfterSun‘ a snap of Joanne and presenter Laura Whitmore was posted on the page.

Of course, both Joanne and Laura are Irish living in the UK. But, instead of feeling offended Laura and Joanne took the post on the chin, with Joanne hilariously commenting:

“Started performing in 2015 and I’ve worked my ass off for seven solid years to be incorrectly claimed as British … feeling genuinely emotional”

To which Laura replied:

“You know you made it when they don’t think they need to check where you came from!”

Seeing the funny side of the post, Irish broadcaster Maia Dunphy commented: “Your time has COME!!!”

While another person wrote: “I feel this is a dream come true!! You’ve definitely made it girl.”

Joanne’s recent Love Island: Aftersun appearance was a huge hit with viewers. Bringing her usual wit to the show, Joanne didn’t hold back on any of the contestants, which delighted fans.


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