Joanne McNally thanks fans for their support after 60th show at Vicar Street


Pic: Instagram/Joanne Mcnally

It has been a busy busy year for Joanne McNally, and by busy we mean she doesn’t stop touring!

The Irish comedian has now performed 60 times in Vicar Street alone and there’s more to come.

Sharing a video of her audience having a sing-song to Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You from last night’s gig Joanne sent a message to her fans thanking them for all the support this year.

“Tonight was the 60th @vicar_st ! Thank You so much to everyone who came tonight and every other night! It’s been quite a year! ?Thank you! ♥️ that’s me tryna film the audience ? support from the amazing @thestephenmullan ?” she wrote.

Alongside her own tour, Joanne also plans to do live shows of her podcast My Therapist Ghosted Me along with her co-host Vogue Williams. Their show is coming to Dublin, Cork and Belfast next year.

Not only are Joanne and Vogue co-hosts they are also best friends, with Joanne being named one of Vogue’s son Otto’s Godparents. Although she had some trouble getting to the recent Christening, speaking about the day on their podcast Vogue explained, “Joanne was busy before so she wanted to meet us at the church. GRAND — that’s grand.” With Joanne planning to meet them there, the family headed off. Only for a portion of the christening party to get lost, travelling to three different churches, before getting a taxi to the right one.”

 “I was like, ‘where’s Joanne, where’s Joanne, where’s Joanne,’ Anyway I was too flustered, the priest was annoyed that we were a little bit late so we went straight in,” she continued.


“I was like, ‘we gotta start the service, Joanne will show up now. She knew it was at 20 past 1 — I was only just texting her,’ Well, my child — he was let down. He was let down, and I actually don’t even know why. I don’t know why.”

Revealing that upon walking out of the chapel, she spotted Joanne standing outside.

“She wasn’t in the church, she missed the whole shebang.”

Joanne revealed that it was her hectic schedule that led to the missed service, but promising to make it to Otto’s other events, Joanne explained: “Look, there’s a logistical side of my brain which just sometimes doesn’t kick in, and I’ve a lot of logistics to do at the moment. But look, like I say, he knows, and confirmation, I’ll give him away myself at the confirmation.”


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