Kahn’s Fiat 500ec Designio Is Just Like A French Bulldog


The Fiat 500 is a vehicle that’s best described as ‘cute’ but this particular example, brought to life by Kahn, is radically different than any other 500 we’ve seen before it.

The British company works on a variety of different cars, big and small, and with its Fiat 500ec Designio, has adopted a far more aggressive look that works wonders on the car. In fact, the Abarth 500 family could look better if they took some design inspiration from Kahn’s creation.

The changes start at the front end where Kahn has fitted a Gloss Onyx Black grille that is complemented by a satin black front bumper valance that takes design inspiration from track-focused racing cars of the past. Kahn has then equipped the pint-sized hatchback with a satin ceramic grey hood and redesigned headlights that transform the look of the car and give it a much more purposeful appearance.

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Continuing the modifications are a set of 4-spoke 18-light light alloy wheels manufactured by Fondmetal in Italy and finished in Hyper Silver. Kahn also works with H&R in developing a new sports suspension kit for the Fiat that drops the ride-height by 25 mm. Although somewhat subtle, the car also has unique Designio insignia shields finished in gold and a Designio signature coach line.

Rounding out the looks are extended side skirts, tinted taillights, and an aggressive new rear bumper that really catches the eye.

Kahn’s alterations continue into the cabin where the front and rear seats have been clad in Ocean Teal vegan leather complete with an embossed Designio script in the backrest. A sleek two-spoke steering wheel completes the upgrades.

Prices for Kahn’s Fiat 500 upgrades start at £10,000 ($12,000) and vary depending on how buyers choose to personalize their vehicles.


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