Kia EV9 Teased, AC Schnitzer’s BMW i4, And California To Bans ICE Sales In 2035: Your Morning Brief


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California Poised To Vote On 2035 ICE Ban

The state of California is on the verge of banning the sale of ICE cars by 2035. If the motion is passed, all vehicles sold after 2035 will have to produce no tailpipe emissions, meaning only EV and Hydrogen cars will be allowed. That’s not all; if the legislation comes into force, CARB Advanced Clean Cars II will be implemented, which mandates increasingly stricter emissions standards in the years running up to 2035, including a requirement for 70 percent of new vehicles to emit no tailpipe emissions by 2030.

Kia Shows Production EV9 SUV Training For Early 2023 Debut

The EV9 is nearing its 2023 debut, but in the meantime, Kia has dropped a series of photos showing off the new full-size SUV EV being put through its paces. The three-row SUV will stay true to the show car previewed last year, with minor details tweaked for the production model, such as the working door handles and conventional mirrors.

AC Schnitzer Switches On To EVs With BMW i4 Upgrades

With ICE cars getting left behind for their EV equivalents thanks to legislation such as the impending ones mentioned at the head of today’s brief, tuning divisions are having to adapt to the new age. AC Schnitzer is no different. The now BMW-owned Bavarian specialist has turned its attention to the i4 sedan, offering add-ons like front splitters, side wings for the front bumpers, a rear roof spoiler, and a rear trunk-lid lip spoiler. That’s not to mention the wheels, suspension, and interior upgrades. The only thing that can’t be tweaked is the electric drivetrain — perhaps we’re not quite there yet.

Google Updates Android Auto Again, Focusing On Behind The Scenes Improvements

Android Auto is getting its 13th version, not long after a major visual overhaul was introduced. The new edition is mainly focused on backend improvements, for instance, allowing third-party apps to access the camera without affecting the implementation of the backup camera. There are also privacy improvements and the ability for developers to specify “driver safety regions.”

Japan’s new “STI Sport”-Grade Forester Is Big On Poise and Pose, Short On Poke

While the STi badge has often alluded to a number of special performance-tuned renditions of past Subarus, fans of the “old days” may want to look away when it comes to the new STI Sport trim level of the Japanese Forester. Because, other than the STi-tuned dampers, the new Forester STi Sport gets no mechanical upgrades. Instead, you’ll get black 18-inch alloy wheels, black door mirrors, front fog lamp surrounds with black detailing, black side cladding, and a black roof spoiler, plus some STi badges and other interior updates. Under the hood is the same 1.8-liter turbocharged non-hybrid boxer four found in the Forester Sport, with the standard 174 hp (177 PS) and 221 lb-ft (300 Nm).

Honda N-One Style + Urban Special Edition Gets A Faux Wood Dashboard

Over in the world of Kei cars, Honda has announced some changes to the N-One, with the addition of the new Style + Urban special edition with a faux-wood dashboard, leather seats, and slight changes to the exterior. The retro-flavored N One remains one of the cooler Keis available, even if the N One Style + Urban can only muster 58 hp (43 kW / 58 PS) from its 660 cc engine.

The Koenigsegg CC850’s Part-Manual, Part-Auto Transmission Will Blow Your Mind

While there’s a lot to get your average enthusiast excited about with the Koenigsegg CC850, the highlight is undoubtedly the gearbox, which is part-manual and part-automatic. Blending the best of both worlds is certainly no mean feat, and is examined in detail when Mr. JWW had the opportunity to speak with Christian von Koenigsegg.

What Else Is Making The News

“Everywhere” Is An Ambitious New Game From Former GTA Developer

A new online multiplayer game from aims to aims to “blur the line between reality and the digital world.” It’s being created by Former Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies’ new studio, Build A Rocket Boy. They aim to make a whole new world for gamers, in which players can play, watch, share, create, and hang out with friends, reports GameSpot.

Russia Burns Gas As Europe’s Energy Prices Soar

A gas plant near Russia’s border with Finland is said to be burning an estimated $10 million worth of gas every day. That’s according to the BBC, which reports that the gas would have otherwise been sold to Russia. While burning off is common for LNG plants, the scale of burn at the Portovaya plant is said to be greater than usual


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