Kia’s New Logo Apparently Has 30k People Googling For “KN Car” Every Month


Kia launched their new logo with a record-breaking pyrotechnic display in 2021, but it appears a number of consumers are confused by the new design.

In particular, Twitter user @Shwinnabego noticed Google searches for “KN car” have increased significantly since the summer of 2021 when models with the new logo were becoming more common. This confusion extends beyond search results as a Reddit post showed a picture of a Kia Carnival and asked “KN car model?”

Google Trends data shows this phenomenon isn’t just limited to the United States as people in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom are conducting searches such as “KN SUV,” “KN car brand price,” and “KN car brand electric.” Searches in America are similar and include “What is KN car brand,” “KN Carnival car,” “What is KN,” and “KN Telluride car.”

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While there are around 30,000 searches per month for “KN car,” Tire Meets Road noted “Kia” gets 1.83 million searches in the same time period so 30,000 is a relative drop in the bucket. However, it appears to happen often enough that typing “KN c” into Google Chrome automatically suggests “KN Car” and “KN Car Brand.”

This looks like bad news on the surface, but it is interesting to note people are apparently so taken with Kia vehicles that they actively search for them, even when they don’t know what they are. That’s not ideal, but it’s clear people want to learn more about them.


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