Kidnapping Victim Gets Police Attention By Purposefully Committing Traffic Violation


Some quick thinking and a traffic violation potentially saved a Florida man’s life.

According to the Martin County Sheriff’s Office, a Port St. Lucie man bragged about the success of his dog breeding business online and inadvertently put a target on his back.

The post was apparently seen by a group of thieves, who traveled to the victim’s home and “demanded he hand over the large amounts of cash he boasted about” online. Following nearly two days of terror, the thieves allegedly kidnapped the man and forced him to drive them to another location.

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As fate would have it, the victim drove past members of the Traveling Criminal response team and he decided to get their attention by purposely committing a traffic violation. This worked, but the deputy didn’t know what was happening and was going to let the driver off with a warning.

This left the victim with a “look of despair” and he used a “hand motion in hopes that the deputy would pick up on his fear.” Thankfully, the deputy noticed something was off and asked the man to step away from the vehicle so they could talk.

With the man now safe, he explained his ordeal to the deputy and the three suspects were taken into custody. Following an investigation, detectives were able to verify the victim’s account and “confirm that this was in fact a brazen kidnapping.”

The department went on to say that when deputies searched the vehicle, they found “guns, knives and large amounts of cash.” The suspects are now facing a long list of charges including kidnapping, assault, home invasion, false imprisonment and witness tampering. They’ve also been hit with charges of providing a false name, possession of a controlled substance, and unlicensed carry of a firearm.

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