Koenigsegg KXX Rendering Imagines The Ultimate 2,000 HP Hybrid Hypercar


This article contains independent illustrations of a fictional Koenigsegg KXX created by professional car designer Emre Husmen that are neither related to nor endorsed by Koenigsegg.

This is the Koenigsegg KXX, a wild creation from the mind of talented designer Emre Husmen that shows what an even more track-focused hypercar than the Jesko could look like.

In creating the car, Husmen combined his own design style with some of the styling traits that Koenigsegg has become synonymous with. A vehicle that looks like this could serve as the perfect successor to the Jesko and push the Swedish car manufacturer’s vehicles to new heights.

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Kicking things off is a bold front fascia where traditional headlights have been replaced by air intakes and curved LED light bars. The hypercar then features four massive air intakes to breathe in cold air while the aerodynamic shrouds around these intakes would help to generate generous amounts of downforce.

The wild lines, shapes, and surfaces of the XKK are particularly evident when viewed from the side and combine with the company’s familiar wraparound windshield and side windows. Your eyes will then likely be drawn to the intricate silver wheels and the outlandish shapes of the doors, complete with large indents making way for a huge air intake on either side. Complex aerodynamic skirts are also visible and would help to increase downforce further.

Visible at the rear of the KXX are a number of equally insane design elements. The most obvious is a towering wing with pronounced uprights that extend out of the engine cover. The rear also supports a large diffuser and huge grilles to help ensure the engine remains cool.

Husmen has imagined the KXX as featuring a powering V8 engine supplemented by electric motors to deliver a combined 2,000 hp. The hypercar’s battery could be charged wirelessly and it has also been envisioned with active aerodynamics, adjustable suspension, the same manual/automatic transmission as the CC850, and an all-wheel drive system.

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