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KORONA POS integrates with metrc

The Best Of Both Inventory Management And Compliance

Many cannabis retailers run into problems optimizing both inventory management and Metrc compliance. This is because Metrc tracks products as batch numbers, without recognizing those different batches as containing recurring strains or types of products.

Let’s say, for example, your dispensary receives a batch of Purple Kush in January and another shipment of the same strain from the same producer in February. Those batches contain the same product but are recognized by Metrc’s inventory database as completely unrelated batches.

In an effort to maintain compliance with Metrc, many dispensary POS systems use this “batch” system to conduct their inventory management and restocking. Unsurprisingly, these retail shops run into all kinds of problems keeping track of items and ensuring that their customer’s favorite cannabis products are always in stock. This is a surefire way to annoy your customers and lose out on future sales.

Luckily KORONA POS has this all figured out. The system makes the checkout process fast, transparent, and simple, while simultaneously reporting and reconciling all data with Metrc. And while Metrc uses batch numbers to track all inventory, KORONA POS uses product names. This not only keeps your dispensary in full compliance but it also better manages your product catalog, preventing stock issues. Plus, the in-depth inventory analytics, KPIs, and supplier relations make all business operations that much more seamless. Give us a call today to learn more about what we offer cannabis retail entrepreneurs and schedule a demo!

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