Lada e-Largus Based On Previous-Gen Dacia Logan Could Become AvtoVAZ’s First EV


Lada might be in rough shape after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the sanctions applied on the country, and the divorce from Renault Group, but this didn’t stop the automaker from presenting its first EV in the form of a concept car. The Lada e-Largus is an electric version of the Largus station wagon which itself is based on the first-gen Dacia Logan.

Lada was coy on details but published the first official photo of the e-Largus in LCV form with covered rear windows. There will also be a passenger version retaining the same station-wagon bodystyle. Predictably, the e-Largus looks nearly identical to the ICE-powered Largus, but it comes with a fully-covered grille, a revised front bumper and blue accents to highlight its EV powertrain.

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The Lada e-Largus concept (above) has a lot in common with the first-gen Dacia Logan Van from 2006 (below).

The e-Largus is still using Renault Group’s B0 underpinnings from the first-gen Dacia Logan, adapted to fit an unknown-spec electric motor and battery. AvtoVAZ said that the model will be produced in the Izhevsk plant, which is being overhauled following Renault’s decision to formally ditch its Russian operations. Recently, Lada announced it will move the production of the Vesta from the Izhevsk factory to the main Togliatti plant, offering buyouts to workers.

Lada will announce the specifications of the e-Largus at a later date, with the first fully-functional prototype coming out of the production line in 2023. At the same time, AvtoVAZ is trying to expand the charging network in Russia which currently comprises 10 charging stations, with three more planned for 2023.

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