Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato Development Started With A Raised Prototype And A Dirt Track


As we inch closer to its debut at the Art Basel in Miami Beach, Lamborghini has revealed more about the development of the upcoming rally-inspired Huracán Sterrato. Beginning with an early prototype of the car, it was raised and taken to Nardo’s off-road test track, the Strada Bianca.

“It all started from one of the first Huracán prototypes, chassis number 53,” said Maurizio Reggiani, who is now the VP of motorsport for Lamborghini, but was its Chief Technical Officer at the time of the Sterrato’s development. “My team worked on that car to create a laboratory on wheels, installing off-road solutions with a higher ground clearance. The first time I had the chance to drive it, I immediately realized how much fun this unexpected super sports concept could be.”

Development took place on the Strada Bianca, the complex’s off-road test track. With one roughly oval-shaped course, and a curving rally stage to test on, it quickly became clear to Rouven Mohr, who is now Lamborghini’s CTO, that the car was something special.

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“The Sterrato is one of the projects closest to my heart,” said Mohr. “The goal was not so much to create an off-road vehicle, but rather an unprecedented super sports car for all surface conditions. So we then built the prototype, a truly incredible car: a lot of fun to drive on dirt roads and with a true rally set-up.”

Powered by Lamborghini’s 5.2-liter V10 engine, the team wanted the car to be a blast to drive both on the road and off of it. That meant raising the ride height, improving the approach and departure angles, increasing the track width, and installing widened tires. All of which also presented the automaker with an exciting opportunity to play around with the design of the Huracán.

“Designing the Huracán Sterrato concept was fun from the first moment: it gave us a unique opportunity to push boundaries in a new way,” said Mitja Borkert, Lamborghini’s head of design. “Our stated aim was to design something distinctly different, for active, sporty people who are fun seekers and want to drive the world even beyond roads and race circuits.”

That design was first shown off with the Lamborghini Huracán Sterrato Concept in 2019. Now, though, the company is preparing to fully unveil the new production car later this month, and the team couldn’t be more excited.

“I’m proud to see the birth of the definitive version, which will also make our customers very happy,” said Mohr.

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