Lamborghini Introduces New $190 Reed Diffuser For Your Home


Lamborghini has partnered up yet again with Culti Milano, a maker of candles, lotions, and other smelly stuff, to make a product for the home that seeks to capture the essential spirit of Lamborghini and bottle it.

Together they have come up with a new diffuser (of the reedy variety, not the aerodynamic variety) whose scent represents Lamborghini’s “unmistakable vibrancy and verve.” That has resulted in a fragrance that has “citrus top notes of grapefruit and bitter orange make way for fresh vetiver and bergamot, before sandal and cedarwood round off the enveloping scent.”

As with, say, the Lamborghini Murcielago, that vibrant and verveful essence is contained within a carefully considered and exciting package. For the reed diffuser, Lamborghini and Culti Milano turned to illustrator Francesco Poroli.

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He has applied his signature style to the 1,000 ml (33.8 fl. oz.) bottle, which is intended to be open to interpretation. Depending on who is looking, it may look like a wheel, to represent Lamborghini, or a flower, to represent Culti Milano.

The bottle also combines bold colors, like those seen on Lamborghini’s vehicles. Produced with water-based ink jet printers that use sustainable techniques, the design is also recreated on the packaging for this bottle, which is made of recycled paper.

“This project represents painstaking, dedicated attention to detail: it was like working on a Lamborghini sports car, in which every single feature and detail has a purpose and meaning,” said Poroli. “They are brought together with engineering skills in a perfect pairing, to make dreams come true. An identical approach is taken in the CULTI MILANO world, whose prestige stems from the groundbreaking way it filled spaces with scents and introduced ambience culture into our lifestyles.”

The diffuser will be available at Culti Houses that are located in Milan, Turin, Rome, and other Italian locations, as well as online and at Lamborghini dealerships around the world. The bottle costs €190 ($189 USD at current exchange rates), and a refill of the scent costs €85 ($84 USD).

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