Lamborghini Releases Final Engine Song Playlist Celebrating The Urus’ V8


The driving rhythms and deep tones of the Lamborghini V8 inspire a drum-heavy playlist

by Sebastien Bell

December 14, 2022 at 17:01

 Lamborghini Releases Final Engine Song Playlist Celebrating The Urus’ V8

by Sebastien Bell

Back in November, Lamborghini announced that it had partnered with a music industry expert to create three different playlists to celebrate the distinct sounds generated by its three engines. Today, it released the final playlist, celebrating the 4.0-liter V8 that powers the Urus SUV.

In a video released by the brand, world renowned music producer, Alex Trecarichi, speaks with Lamborghini’s NVH specialist, Mauro Mautone, about the V8’s sounds and peculiarities. As is probably not surprising, the engine immediately elicits the sound of the drums for Mautone.

“The deep sound of drums: that is the instrument that more than any other represents the combustion effect of the V8 and emphasizes the movement of the pistons inside the cylinders,” said Mautone.

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And, it turns out, he’s not wrong. There is science to back up Mautone’s impression that the deep, percussive rhythm of the V8 sounds like the drums. As Trecarichi explains, looking into the frequencies generated by the Urus’ engine supported that comparison, and he found a striking similarity between the engine and the instrument.

“To create the playlist, as always I started from the analysis of the basic frequency of the engine,” said Trecarichi. “In the case of Urus, the parameter that returned was 50 hertz, matching the essential vibrations of drums. So, an important portion of the playlist had to be represented by rhythm.”

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The 24-track playlist was inspired by the sounds of the Urus’ 4.0-liter V8 at idle, at 4,000 rpm, and when its neck is really being rung, up at 7,000 rpm. In its highest, Performante trim, the latest Lamborghini SUV makes up to 657 hp (490 kW/666 PS) and 627 lb-ft (850 Nm) of torque.

Trecarichi found that, when the engine is relaxed, it hums in the key of C, which inspired the selection of songs like Un gitano perdido by Gabriel Dominguez. A little higher up in the rev range, meanwhile, the engine vibrates in the key of G and that inspired the Boogie Fever. At 7,000 rpm, meanwhile, the syncopated D sharp sound of the engine matches White Lies’ Is My Love Enough, according to the producer.

“Driving Urus Performante with The Engine Songs playing in the background makes you want to travel northward without a precise destination,” said Trecarichi.


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