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Lamborghini Seems To Be Testing The Urus Rescue Car Once Again In New Video


Lamborghini is preparing to release the off-road focused Huracan Sterrato in the near future. Part of that development process has been the use of an Urus Rescue Car which we’ve seen before. What’s surprising now is that it seems like Lamborghini might have been testing it independently in a new video.

The film comes to us from YouTuber Varryx who is well known for his habit of spotting supercar test vehicles long before the production models are released. In this video he catches the Urus Rescue Car coming out to play at least twice on the same day. That’s significant because typically we only see this car when it’s accompanying another Lamborghini that might need its services.

We originally scooped the first clear photos of this Urus back in 2019 and since then it’s been spotted a few times, most recently in February of this year alongside a Huracan Sterrato prototype during testing in Sweden. Whether Lamborghini is testing the SUV for some new purpose or not, this is one of the first chances we’ve had to see it move under its own power.

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We have no reason to think that the engine under the black and yellow bodywork is anything other than a stock 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 with 641 hp (478 kW). What makes this vehicle so special is all of the extra equipment that’s clearly bespoke to the model.

A large bull bar wraps around the front bumper with a heavy-duty winch prominently featured. On the rear of the vehicle, we see a matching bumper guard with a swing-away tire carrier. The tire might be gone in the video but that’s what it is for nonetheless.

Atop the Lamborghini is what Varryx thinks is a roof-tent foundation. We can’t confirm that part but you can be sure that the long tube on the driver’s side of the vehicle is a retractable awning. While it might sound far-fetched it would be cool if the Italian automaker was planning some sort of off-road-focused Urus as it would be an amazing way to pay tribute to the original Lamborghini SUV, the LM002.


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