Lamborghini Takes Customers For A Month Long Adventure Across Iceland With The Urus


The Lamborghini Urus might have been considered sacrilegious to many when it was announced but there’s no question that it’s a success. Just like the Porsche Cayenne, the BMW X5, and other similar SUVs, the Urus has been a huge sales success for its brand. Now, Lamborghini has demonstrated exactly how capable its SUV is by taking it on a month-long tour of Iceland with a bunch of customers.

The Esperienza Avventura, or Adventure Experience in English, is a series of events that Lamborghini is putting on to demonstrate the capability of its vehicles. This particular event focused on the Urus and included fifty customers from across Europe and the Middle East. Over the course of the month-long event, participants drove about 186 miles or 300 kilometers each day.

The terrain included some of the most iconic locations on the southern Icelandic coast including a lava flow from a new volcano that appeared in 2021 to the Kvernufoss waterfall. Lamborghini is quick to point out that the Urus allows buyers to do far more than they could with cars from the rest of the lineup. Of course, the twin-turbo V8 under the hood helps but so does the added ride height.

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“Unlock Any Road, the positioning concept that customers recognize in the Urus, was expressed here more than ever: not only because of the different landscapes the cars drove across and the decidedly adventurous feel of the event but also because of the multiple Ad Personam configurations offered on board the car, where the almost unlimited offering of colors and customizations become a reflection of the Urus owner’s personality,” said Lamborghini Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Federico Foschini.

Foschini, along with CEO Stephan Winkelmann took part in one of the stages and the brand’s boss sounded pretty excited too. “It was extraordinary to see so many Urus all together in a setting like Iceland, with so many different routes and road surfaces in which to put them to the test,” Winkelmann said. This is just the latest in the Esperienza Avventura series that has already visited locations like Norway, Andalusia, and Transylvania.


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