Lamborghini’s Order Books Extend Into 2024 Despite Economic Concerns


While most consumers are worried about the economy and rising inflation, Lamborghini is enjoying its most successful year to date and things won’t slow down anytime soon.

The Italian car manufacturer sold 7,430 vehicles in the first nine months of this year and is on track to exceed its 2021 sales record of 8,405 units. Unsurprisingly, the Urus remains Lamborghini’s most popular model with some 4,834 units sold this year.

“We will be ahead of this number for sure,” chief executive Stephan Winkelmann told ABC News. “We have no slowdown in sales. Every month we’re selling more cars than we’re able to deliver.”

Speaking with FOX Business, Winkelmann added that a strong order bank will help Lamborghini navigate 2023 despite any economic challenges that next year may bring.

“We already have 18-19 months waiting period for a new car,” he said. “We are selling more cars than we are able to produce.”

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Winkelmann believes that it will settle into a few years of stable sales from next year while it refreshes its line-up with replacements for the Aventador and Huracan. The Aventador’s successor will be the first all-new model to arrive, launching with a hybridized V12 engine that has already been shown to some customers. Lamborghini has already received 3,000 orders for the supercar.

The boss of Lamborghini added that the supply crunch and chip shortage have not impacted the company’s production.

“It’s a constant challenge but so far we have managed not to lose any production capacity…we’ve actually increased our production capacity,” he said. “Also the war in Ukraine was affecting us a little at the beginning because we have a big supplier in Ukraine but thanks to their courage and dedication this is solved and we recovered all the delays that were happening in the first couple of days of the war. We have no major constraints in terms of the supply chain. We never had the problem of parking cars with missing parts.”


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