Laura Nolan shares her excitement to be back on the dancefloor!


Pic: Instagram/Laura Nolan

Diamonds may be a girl’s best but the dancefloor is Laura Nolan’s.

The professional dancer is taking on the role of Marilyn Monroe in an upcoming show called The Blonde Bombshell.

And when VIP Magazine caught up with her on the red carpet of the Hayu STELLAR InstaStar Awards, she looked every inch the part in her gorgeous bright pink catsuit accessorised with diamond bracelets.

“It’s only a few weeks before we head into full rehearsals for Dancing with the Stars,” she confesses.

Pic: Instagram/Laura Nolan

“But I’m really busy at the moment, I’m doing a show called The Blonde Bombshell which begins on the 20th of November. Some of the Dancing with the Stars cast is doing it. We also have people from panto, jazz dancers, hip-hop and commercial dancers.

“We’re all coming together to tell the story of Marilyn Monroe through dance. I’m Marilyn Monroe in it!” she enthuses.

And, she’s every inch Marilyn as she gives us a twirl, showcasing her incredible ensemble.

Laura Nolan and Matthew MacNabb Pic: Brian McEvoy

“Of course, my outfit is giving Hollywood, Diamond are a Girl’s best friend. But a sexy 2022 vibe,” she explains.

And of course, Matthew is back in Ireland. For the winter at least he says with a cheeky grin.

“We’re really busy between that and Dancing with the Stars, that’s why Matthew is back. He’s here to support!” Laura tells us before they tease each other about how supportive they are.

Of course, they are the picture of love as they both gush about the other’s projects.

“I am working on Reset which is a mental, physical and wellbeing app. I’m working on building that up and I’m doing a challenge in November to give people positive habits to stay in shape both mentally and physically. Working on that for now, but also working on something else in the background. Keeping busy!” Matthew tells us.

How cute are these two?!


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