Legoland Florida Shows How It Built A Full-Size, 320,000 Brick F-150 Lightning


Although a full-scale Lego car is no longer that surprising, the builds we’re used to seeing are just that: cars. Normally the province of tiny supercars and the like, building a full-size pickup out of Lego is another story altogether.

The team at the Legoland resort in Cypress Gardens, Florida, has done just that, though, making an enormous F-150 Lightning and showing the entire process in a time-lapse video posted on its YouTube page.

The team actually show some of the process from the planning process, as well as the assembly process. The model is based on a steel frame to help support the weight of the bricks that, when the build is complete, combine to weigh 3,730 lbs (1,692 kg), which actually only a little over half as much as the fully functional Ford F-150 Lightning.

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Of course, electric vehicles do tend to weigh quite a bit because of their heavy battery packs. But this Lego rendering isn’t completely free of batteries of its own. Working taillights, headlights, and the signature light bar over the grille all add to the impressiveness of build.

In all, this F-150 Lightning took 320,740 bricks, the help of many Legoland workers, and a stunning 1,600 hours to put together. With wheels made of Lego, the truck doesn’t appear to roll on its own, but can be moved on its frame.

The new Lego F-150 Lightning will be on display at Legoland Florida, if you want to see it up close. The truck it’s based on, meanwhile, the F-150 Lightning Lariat, starts at $74,474 for the standard range model. That truck can go up to 230 miles (370 km) per range, according to the EPA. The extended range model, meanwhile, can go up to 320 miles (515 km) between charges.


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