Lucid Confirms Tri-Motor Air For Monterey Car Week


Shortly after announcing the debut of a new variant of the Air at the Monterey Car Week on August 19, Lucid all but confirmed that the performance-focused model will feature three electric motors. A series of teasers published on social media have plenty of references to the number three, while showing parts of what is going to be the fastest Lucid Air yet.

Reports about the development of a tri-motor Lucid Air have been circulating since Lucid showed a prototype running a 9.245 quarter mile back in September 2020. Two years later, it seems that the time has come for the big reveal. The model will be a direct competitor to the Tesla Model S Plaid, one of the quickest production models in the world.

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Lucid showed blurry images of the exterior hinting at revised LED taillight graphics. We expect the performance-focused variant to be visually differentiated to some degree from the rest of the Air range, possibly with a redesigned bodykit. Still, from the teaser, the model appears to retain a rather subtle approach to sportiness, without prominent aero parts.

The video also shows a few mechanical components. This is supposedly the “Megawatt” dual-motor rear axle which is rumored to produce close to 1,341 hp (1,000 kW / 1,360 PS). Add the front-mounted electric motor and the combined output could reach a whopping 1,609 hp (1,200 kW / 1,632 PS). Such a figure would make the Lucid Air significantly more powerful and quicker than the Tesla Model S Plaid, which could translate to a sub-2 second 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) time.

Currently, the flagship variant of the Air is the Grand Touring Performance with dual electric motors producing 1,050 hp (783 kW / 1,065 PS), which is slightly less than the 1,111 hp (828 kW / 1,126 PS) of the sold-out Air Dream Edition Performance from 2021. What we know for certain is that the new variant will outpower and outperform both.

The name of the new trim will most likely have something to do with the word “blue”, since Lucid includes the hashtag #BlueMeansGo in the official teasers. The company has confirmed that the first deliveries of the model are expected in 2023, although they will have to step up the production rate of the regular Air if they want to keep up with the demand.

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