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Lucid Launches “Available Now” Page With Cars That Are “Ready To Deliver”


Electric automaker Lucid has launched a new page on its website promising the “most convenient way to put a Lucid Air in your garage.” The “Available Now” page seems to skip the custom ordering process in favor of a number of pre-configured Air sedans. According to the page, they’re ready for delivery too.

Lucid has been making waves all over the place lately. It recently launched the Lucid Air Grand Touring and the Air Pure. It hit Texas with a lawsuit over its dealership laws. And it lost $670 million during the third quarter while it works to meet production and delivery targets for the year.

Perhaps that last point is one reason why the company has now launched a dedicated “Available Now” page on its website. Click on it and you’ll be whisked away to a selection of nine different Air Grand Touring examples, each priced at $154,000 but with varying options and color schemes.

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“Welcome to the most convenient way to put Lucid Air in your driveway. Configured with our customers’ favorite options, these selections are ideal for those who are ready to realize the dream of driving Lucid Air — right now,” the page says. There, the nine cars are listed one by one with their color, interior package, and wheel design listed below.

Instead of a “Buy” button, an “Inquire” button resides next to a link about incentives. What we don’t know is where these cars came from or what the process looks like for those who do inquire. Lucid might be making extra new cars with preset configurations specifically for its own inventory. That could make the buying process easier and faster for those who aren’t super picky about specific options.

Interestingly, there’s no “Available Now” section on Lucid’s Canadian website as of this writing. That suggests that the page wasn’t a worldwide plan and that these cars might have been ordered by customers and then at some point the deal fell through.

We’ve reached out to Lucid about the page and will report back here if we learn more about exactly where these Air sedans came from. Until then, it seems as though you can skip the line if you’re willing to settle for an Air that wasn’t entirely designed by you.

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