Lucid May Introduce A Tesla Model 3 Rival In The Near Future


Earlier this month, Lucid expanded its model line by 100 percent, introducing its second-ever vehicle, the Gravity SUV. The company has hinted though that a third, more mainstream model may also be coming soon.

When the American EV startup introduced its first vehicle, the Air, it sought to impress with incredible range, wild performance, and sumptuous luxury. Since then, though, it has been working to package its technology in a more affordable way.

Most recently, that meant the introduction of the Lucid Air Pure. Whereas the sedan was introduced in the luxurious Dream Edition trim priced at $170,500, the Pure has a starting price of just $89,050.

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“All of the development of the high-end cars has trickled down to this car at a better entry-level price, but still with pretty remarkable specifications,” Derek Jenkins, Lucid’s senior VP of design and brand, told Automotive News recently, calling the Air Pure the “hero of the group.”

In that same interview, he said that Lucid is “not just making luxury cars,” but rather is about “technology, it’s about efficiency, it’s about taking the EV experience to a new level.” That suggests that Lucid may do what Tesla did, and follow its large luxury sedan and SUV, with a smaller, more affordable EV.

Indeed, Twitter user @LetsGoLucid2022 noticed on November 10 that a video posted to Lucid’s YouTube channel featured Jenkins and CEO Peter Rawlinson walking next to a trio of vehicles. The first, of course, was the Air, the Gravity could be seen under wraps, and a third, apparently smaller sedan could be seen between them.

Despite being fully covered, it’s clear from the screenshots that the sedan in the middle shares a lot in common with the Air. Its hood is creased like the Air’s, its headlights appear to be a thin blade extending across the front fascia, and a spoiler can be seen at the back. The roofline, though, looks more coupe-like, and it simply appears to be smaller than the Air.

Automotive News reports that Lucid has spoken about a new platform they are working on for more mainstream luxury vehicles. Thanks to smaller proportions, a more compact Lucid would need fewer batteries and smaller motors, helping to bring prices down. With the lowered expectations for materials quality in the likes of the Tesla Model 3 and its ilk, Lucid could get the price down to around $50,000. Naturally, the platform could also be used for a similarly sized crossover.

Lucid is unlikely to bring a third vehicle to market before 2025, but the automaker is in the process of expanding its Arizona factory threefold. The company hopes that the expansion will allow it to build 400,000 vehicles per year— a production capacity that would be easier to fill with a more affordable EV, like a Model 3 rival.


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