Lucid Will Call Cancelling Customers Up To 14 Times To Try And Save A Sale Says Report


Lucid is working hard to up its delivery game before the end of the calendar year. Part of that effort is making sure that customer orders get fulfilled. A new report says that customers who cancel Lucid Air orders may wait two weeks and get more than a dozen phone calls before that cancelation is confirmed.

In recent months, Lucid has had a lot going on. Reservations dropped between Q2 and Q3 which isn’t a great sign. According to CFO Sherry House, that reality is the result of deliveries made and customer cancellations. It also added a bevy of pre-configured cars for immediate purchase onto its website. Now, Business Insider says that it’s obtained an internal email laying out the process of saving the sale with regard to customers that want to cancel.

Allegedly, the process of saving an order begins with any request for cancellation being assigned to a ‘case owner.’ That person is responsible for calling the customer within 24 hours to try and convince them to keep the order. If they can’t reach the customer, the case owner must call again over each of the next three days.

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Should they fail to contact the customer then the case is escalated to a manager. That manager will first review the ‘logged activities’ of the case owner but will then attempt to contact the customer. If they can’t reach them they’ll try again for five more days in a row. In cases where the customer hasn’t been contacted, the case gets bumped up the chain again, this time, to a regional manager.

If the regional manager can’t reach the customer over the course of four days with at least one call attempt on each day, then, and only then, can the reservation be canceled? That’s a full two weeks’ worth of at least one call a day from a minimum of three different individuals over that time span.

The anonymous source that spoke with Insider said “I think the level of desperation and the tone of that email, combined with that cancellation protocol — it doesn’t spell high-end and luxury.” Getting all that attention might be exactly what some people want but this might not be the best way to make Lucid customers feel special and appreciated.


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