Lucid’s New Customer Charger Can Double The Speed Of Recharging At Home


Lucid introduced a quartet of new accessories this week that includes an at-home charger, a roof box, a crossbar, and all-weather mats to make the ownership experience even better.

The marquee item is the at-home charger, which Lucid claims can double the speed at which the car is charged when compared to the charging cable that is included with the car. The unit can support up to 19.2 kW of electrical power, which matches the Lucid Air’s fast AC charging rate and allows the car to recover up to 80 miles (129 km) of range per hour.

Despite the amount of electricity it can handle, Lucid says that the home charger has been designed to be roughly the same size as its competitors’ boxes. It also features a charging cable that is thinner than competitors’ to make the 24-foot (7.3 meter) cord easier to handle.

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The charger is Wi-Fi connected to allow for over-the-air updates, which will be helpful. Although it is not yet ready to allow for bidirectional charging – that is, a two-way flow of electricity to help power your home or charge your car – it comes with all of the hardware needed to do that, and may become bidirectional in the future thanks to an update.

Prices for the Lucid Connected Home Charging Station ring in at $1,200 in the U.S. and $1,600 in Canada. The Lucid Air Cargo Capsule, meanwhile, starts at $2,000 in the U.S. and $2,750 in Canada. It attaches to the top of your Lucid Air to add 11.47 cubic feet (325 liters) of cargo space to the car. That effectively gives it 33 percent more cargo space without the need to make any compromises to passenger comfort.

Sculpted out of an ABS shell, it is only available in black, but buyers can choose between a split gloss or matte black finish with a gloss black Lucid logo. It can be opened from either side of the car and comes with interior lighting.

Lucid is also offering aluminum crossbars that can support up to 165 lbs (75 kg) while only minimally impacting aerodynamics. Compatible with Yakima mounts, it can be used for bicycle, surfboard, kayak, and other kinds of rooftop equipment haulers. It is offered for $500 in the U.S. and $700 in Canada.

Finally, the EV manufacturer is offering all-weather floor mats to protect the car’s carpets. Designed in-house, the non-slip, waterproof mats feature raised edges and are made of a more rugged material than the standard mats.

Color options match those for the interior of the Lucid Air: Ceramic, Graphite, Saddle, and Black. Customers will have to pay $250 for the mats in the U.S. and $375 in Canada.


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