Make Your EV Fart From A Distance: iOS Tesla App Update Introduces New Features


Tesla recently released version 4.15.0 of the Tesla App for the iOS, and the owners can expect a couple of fun updates with it. The app will now allow users to remotely use the farting sound and the boombox function in their vehicle, as well as view the interior camera and set the temperature for the passenger from their smart device.

Twitter user @Tesla_App_iOS ran through the updates it has found in the code for the new version, and highlighted the most meaningful changes. Although this is not an exhaustive list, these are the changes the likeliest to be noticed by users.

First, it appears that Tesla owners will be able to control their Boombox feature remotely. This function allowed owners to play sounds through their pedestrian warning system speakers. These are on the car in order to make a sound and alert pedestrians to the fact that a moving electric vehicle (noted for their silence) is nearby.

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Tesla was, however, forced to recall this function, because U.S. regulators decided that vehicles should only be allowed to play one sound as a pedestrian warning system, prompting Tesla CEO Elon Musk to call the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration the “fun police.”

The recall was, however, simply an over-the-air update, so all the hardware to allow a Tesla’s external microphones to play whatever sound the driver wants is still there. Tesla may, therefore, have decided to allow owners to potentially use their Tesla as an elaborate Bluetooth speaker while it’s parked, and control it with their phone.

Similarly, the update to the Tesla App will also allow users to use the same speakers to play a fart sound remotely. The ability to make a Tesla toot has long been a part of the automaker’s light-hearted charm, and there may now be more flexibility for fun by allowing owners to make a fart sound from a distance, rather than from inside the vehicle.

Owners may soon be able to look inside their vehicle remotely, too, as “View interior camera” option has been added to the App’s software. Users report not having seen it yet, but the addition could allow owners to check on the condition of their vehicle, or their passengers, even when they aren’t in it.

Additionally, owners may soon be able to control the “co-pilot” climate, allowing a driver to set the temperature for their side of the vehicle and their passenger’s, if one runs hot and the other cold. The update may also offer information on why charging speed is slow, if it is, and could provide information on energy site changes, address related updates, range analysis, and more.


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