Man Allegedly Stole Over $1.1M In Cars, Mostly Chargers And Challengers, In Less Than A Year


Between November of 2021 and July of this year, Lorenzo Day allegedly stole $1,136,582 worth of cars. During that period of time, police arrested Day at least four times. He’s now behind bars with 106 charges against him after managing to avoid long-term detainment until very recently.

According to NBC4 Washington, police are accusing Day, along with three co-conspirators, of the crimes. Day was the subject of a report in June that focused on how he’d continually been released after multiple run-ins with the law.

On March 19th, 2022, he was involved in a police chase and a crash before being released on bond. On June 8th, he was in another chase before crashing head-on with a Honda. The driver of that car was 66-year-old Jonny Morris who died of his injuries. Day was arrested but released again not long after. He has yet to be charged in relation to Morris’ death due to “procedural reasons”, according to prosecutors.

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Just eight days later, Day was arrested again for driving a stolen car in DC. Once again, he was released before being arrested and released once more on June 21st. Finally, on June 30th, he was taken into custody for armed robbery and kidnapping of an automobile locksmith. He now remains behind bars until his next court appearance.

The affidavit obtained by NBC4 Washington says that the majority of the vehicles stolen by Day and his co-conspirators were Dodge Chargers and Challengers. It’s unclear how the thieves accessed the vehicles or what their procedure was after obtaining them. One of Day’s victims indicated that the thieves might have made a regular practice out of driving the stolen vehicles.

Photo radar ticket machines caught the victim’s stolen vehicle multiple times while the criminals had it. “They were driving throughout the District in speeds of excess of 70, 80 mph. I didn’t even know that you could get a photo radar ticket for that much money,” the victim said.

These thefts are unrelated to similar recent crimes involving other Dodge vehicles in Ohio and Michigan. Thieves in that incident targeted the vehicles due to their performance capabilities and vulnerability to hacking via a locksmith Pro Pad tool. It’s possible that Day and his co-conspirators may have targeted these cars for the same reasons.

Image Credit: NBC4 Washington


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