Man Turns Skoda Octavia Into A BMW Imposter Using Duct Tape


The most unique design feature of BMW models throughout the Bavarian automaker’s history is the double kidney grille. This signature element inspired a Skoda owner from Poland to add a little bit of BMW flavor to his Octavia Combi thanks to a DYI technique.

A genuine BMW badge and a piece of silver duct tape are all you need for this easy-peasy conversion. The grille of the first-gen Skoda Octavia (1996-2004) has a rectangular shape and thick chrome trim around it. Splitting it in half with a body-colored tape not only hides the Skoda emblem but makes it look similar to the kidney grille of the BMW 3-Series E36 (1990-2000). This feeling is accentuated by the boxy headlights, bumper ribbon, and sculpted hood which kind of resemble the BMW. However, the long overhang and FWD proportions of the Skoda are hard to overlook.

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The owner of the car is called Samuel Masar and he lives in Poland. He told us that he added the duct tape on his Octavia just for fun while working in his car repair shop. He did however keep it on the car for a couple of days, trolling other drivers with this BMW imposter from the Czech Republic. After all, the Octavia has a German connection as one of the first – and most successful – Skoda models developed under VW Group ownership.

Masar is a big fan of the Czech brand, as he owns four of its models. The oldest one is a Skoda 120 L, joined by the Favorit and Felicia and, of course, the more recent Octavia Combi.

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