Mansory Previews Radical Styling Kit For The Maserati MC20


Mansory has touched on its softer side lately with milder-than-usual visual upgrades, but it seems that the tuner is now back to business as usual judging from the radical-looking bodykit designed for the Maserati MC20.

The kit is not ready yet, but we get a preview of all the carbon fiber bits in a couple of renderings. The extra components sticking out of the bodywork make the MC20 look closer to the track-only Project24 hypercar or the GT2 racing variant, although Maserati’s takes are admittedly more pleasing to the eye due to the function-led design.

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Mansory’s bodykit includes more than a dozen parts with a few alternatives for owners to choose from. At the front, the highlight is the massive splitter which is nearly as big as the bumper itself, featuring integrated fins while being connected to the grille. The carbon-fiber garnish around the bumper intakes, headlights, and fender-mounted vents, the vented bonnet plus a set of canards complete the rather flamboyant looks.

On the profile, there is an equally large carbon fiber piece covering the side sills with an aerodynamic extension on the doors. The mirror caps are converted to carbon fiber while there is a new cover for the side intakes feeding air to the mid-mounted engine.

Mansory didn’t go easy on the back as well, adding an enormous rear wing with three bases resembling the Trident emblem mounted on top of an additional spoiler lip. The rear windshield has been replaced by a vented engine cover with an additional roof-mounted vent. This will most certainly ruin visibility, but thankfully it comes with an optional camera making things right. Finally, a larger two-story diffuser extends to the sides with additional fins and an F1-style brake light.

The bodykit is available in different variations of carbon fiber as with other Mansory products. It can be combined with a set of FV5 forged multispoke wheels measuring 21-inches at the front and 22-inches at the back, shod in ultra-low profile tires. Finally, the tuner is offering a lowering spring kit, bringing the MC20 closer to the ground by 25 mm (1 inch).

Mansory didn’t mention any performance upgrades, at least at this point. Still, the Maserati Nettuno twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6 dry-sump engine is powerful enough, producing 621 hp (463 kW / 630 PS) right from the factory. As for the sound, the tuner is offering a new exhaust system with optional downpipes and remote control for those who want to impress or scare bystanders.

While the Mansory bodykit kind of misses the point of the clean and timeless lines of the stock Maserati MC20, it certainly has an audience. Those who want something more subtle in the styling department can head over to Novitec, while alternative bodykits by 7 Designs and DMC are more intense but still not nearly as wild as the one from Mansory.


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