Marriott Bonvoy’s Fall 2022 Promotion: Earn 4,000 Points Per Stay


Marriott Bonvoy puts on rotating promotions throughout the year. The promotions usually appear quarterly, and are either targeted or non-targeted.

This fall, Marriott has put on a non-targeted promotion in which all members can participate. Although it might not be the most exciting promotion ever, it’s one worth registering for if you’re planning a paid stay with Marriott in the coming months.

Between September 21 and December 15, 2022, members can earn up to 4,000 additional points per stay. 

Earn Up to 4,000 Additional Bonvoy Points Per Stay

After registration, members can earn up to 4,000 additional Bonvoy points per stay this fall. The total bonus is broken into two chunks of 2,000 points.

Simply by registering, you’ll earn 2,000 points per stay, beginning with the second stay. If you also happen to have a Marriott co-branded credit card, such as the Marriott Bonvoy American Express Card or the Marriott Bonvoy Business American Express Card, you can earn an additional 2,000 points per stay each time you stay at a different brand.

Note that holding multiple credit cards won’t entitle you to multiple chunks of 2,000 points.

You’ll need to be on a qualifying rate to be eligible for this promotion, which is defined as any paid rate. Unfortunately, bookings made with points aren’t eligible for this promotion.

Furthermore, you must register by December 1, prior to the first qualifying stay, even if the stay was booked before the promotion was announced.

The stay itself must take place within the eligibility period of between September 21 and December 15.

Every hotel under the Marriott umbrella qualifies for this promotion, and there’s no cap on the number of bonus points you can earn. The fine print states that the 2,000 points earned by stays will post within seven business days of checkout, but the additional 2,000 points earned for cardholders staying at different brands can take up to six weeks after checkout to post.

Earn up to 4,000 bonus Marriott Bonvoy points per stay with this promotion

We’d value 4,000 Bonvoy points at $36 (CAD), so there’s some potential to get a meaningful return on cheap and short stays, but otherwise this promotion isn’t too exciting.

Are Marriott Promotions Getting Worse?

In a nutshell, yes, especially compared to the generous promotions and handouts we saw during the pandemic. But this isn’t unexpected, as travel has begun to bounce back in a significant way.

Taking full advantage of the rebound, hotels and airlines have jacked up rates and fares, which has done little to quash demand as we continue to see sold-out hotels, airline operations breakdowns, and limited award availability.

This trend from the summer is very much expected to continue into fall, so this lacklustre promotion from Marriott is disappointing, but not unexpected. In a world where Marriott isn’t struggling to fill rooms, promotions land more in the region of “taking what you can get”.


Marriott Bonvoy’s promotion for Fall 2022 allows members to earn up to 4,000 bonus points per stay. 2,000 points are awarded to all members beginning with the second stay, while the other 2,000 points are only for those who hold a co-branded Marriott credit card and stay at a different Marriott brand, beginning with the second brand.

Registration is required by December 1, 2022, as only stays completed after registration will qualify towards this promotion. Although this promotion is fairly uninspiring compared to others that we’ve seen in the past, be sure to register if you have a paid Marriott stay coming up, anyway.


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