Mazda Updates Electrification Goals, Teases Miata-Like Concept


Mazda had a little treat for those who watched the 36-minute-long presentation of its medium-term strategy for 2030. After announcing a renewed focus on electrification by increasing investment and updating the global EV sales ratio to 40% by 2030, Mazda showed an MX-5-style concept with a two-door coupe bodystyle.

The automaker was coy on details, and the concept wasn’t even mentioned in the official press release. However, it appeared in the video right after the footage of the previous four generations of the Mazda MX-5, making us believe it could be a preview of the upcoming fifth-gen model.

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The yet unnamed concept adopts a low-slung silhouette with pronounced fenders, a fixed roof, and two large gullwing doors. The surfacing and the overall proportions are similar to the current MX-5 ND.

At the front, the Mazda emblem on the grille is illuminated, while the LED headlights appear to have some sort of a pop-up mechanism. The large rear windshield among the muscular shoulders is somewhat reminiscent of the Mazda RX-7, while the rounded outer shape of the LED taillights is similar to the first three generations of the MX-5.

While the next-gen MX-5 is rumored to retain a combustion engine under the bonnet, the concept appears to have an EV powertrain. This is evident from the aluminum chassis of the vehicle, featuring a box behind the two-seater cabin that could be reserved for the battery. The layout appears to be focused on lightness and driving dynamics, true to the sportscar heritage of the Japanese brand.

Mazda Digs Deeper Into Electrification

In a rapidly evolving automotive landscape, Mazda updated its medium-term strategy for 2030. The automaker believes that the sales ratio of EVs in its global range will be 40% by 2030, up from the previous estimate of 25%.

Mazda’s three-phase electrification strategy will be “suited to regional characteristics and environmental needs”. The first phase between 2022 and 2024 will focus on development. The second phase between 2025 and 2027 will be the “transition period” with the introduction of a new hybrid system and new EV models for China and the rest of the world. Finally, the third phase between 2028 and 2030 will include an array of EV launches globally.

Mazda has also committed to carbon-neutral factories by 2035, thanks to “energy preservation, renewable energy, and the use of carbon-neutral fuels”. Finally, the Japanese brand announced its ambitious goal of zero fatal accidents by 2040.


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