Mempool Studio launch presale for web3 yearbook, almanac


Mempool studio is immortalizing events in the web3 space with a limited edition of hardcovers and digital collectibles in a Web3 Yearbook 2022 that will be launched next year, according to a press statement shared with CryptoSlate.

The yearbook is a 300-page document that examines the remarkable events that happened throughout the year from the perspective of industry insiders.

According to the press statement, the yearbook would include charts, data, exclusive insights, and interviews covering DeFi, Gaming, Metaverse, Infrastructure, Investment, and more.

web3 ayearbook
Pages from the web3 yearbook

The press statement did not reveal the cost of the book.

The web3 space has experienced one of its most significant years as the industry has had to deal with a record bear market and the implosion of several crypto firms. Despite this, the industry has enjoyed more institutional support in the current year than in the past.

An almanac to navigate web3

The Matterblock-owned company also revealed plans to create a Web3 Almanac for 2023.

While the yearbook is a recollection of events that shaped 2022, the almanac will be future-focused, as it provides a resource that would help market participants navigate the market.

The almanac is expected to include key data, insights, projections, tips and guides, and writings from thought leaders in the web3 space.

Matterblock cofounder, Zia Word, said:

“We wanted to create thoughtful pieces. Items that become historical artefacts, acting as moments of record and backed by intense research. They are collected and presented in a way that reflects the diversity, innovation and attitude of Web3 culture”

Meanwhile, the yearbook and almanac would be available in physical and digital formats. The hard copies would be made in high-grade recyclable papers, while the digital copies would be of a limited edition.

Pages from the web3 yearbook
Pages from the web3 yearbook

The works are scheduled to be released next year. While the minting and printing are not expected until January 2023, interested community members can get their mint and print passes already on sale.

Only 300 Platinum Packs are available on sale, and these special packs grant access to the entire collection and other perks like the Platinum Edition books, digital collectibles, and more.


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