Mercedes 300 SEL “Derelict” By Icon Combines Worn Paint With An LS9 Supercharged V8


Icon 4×4 unveiled its latest restomod project at SEMA 2022, which is no other than a modernized 1971 Mercedes 300 SEL “Derelict” with its original worn-out paint job, upgraded chassis, reupholstered interior, and an American V8 under the bonnet.

Visually, Icon’s 300 SEL doesn’t try to hide its age, retaining its patina combined with shiny stainless steel and chrome accents. The stand-out feature is the lowered chassis and the one-piece billet aluminum 18-inch wheels by EVOD shod in wide performance tires designed after the original wheels. The lights incorporate LED technology behind the original clusters.

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Inside, the wood trim has been restored and the seats are re-upholstered in fine leather. Icon added bits and pieces of modern equipment like the heated front seats and the new HVAC system. The sound system has been discreetly upgraded, featuring Focal’s two-way speakers, dual subwoofer, and amplifier. There is also Bluetooth connectivity although don’t expect any fancy screens that would ruin the classic looks.

The old Mercedes is fitted with an LS9 supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine, sending power to the rear axle through a handbuilt 4L85E automatic transmission. The underpinnings have been thoroughly upgraded with a custom full chassis frame by Art Morrison, meaning this Benz’s structure is no longer unibody, a new set of adjustable coilovers, a modern power rack and pinion steering, and Brembo brakes featuring Hydratech power assist.

Talking about this special build, Icon’s founder Jonathan Ward said: “Modern elements, such as a powerful new engine and upgraded sound system are all discreetly tucked within the original vehicle layout in a period correct manner, resulting in an eye-catching classic that is ready to perform amiably in modern driving conditions.”

Icon’s latest restomod will be showcased in the SEMA Show in Las Vegas between November 1st and 4th. According to the tuner, the starting price for an Icon 4×4 Derelict commission is $450,000.


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