Mercedes-AMG GT2 Is A 707-HP Racer For Have-A-Go Heroes


The Mercedes-AMG GT is in the twilight of its life, but it still has a few surprises up its sleeve, including this new GT2 customer racing car, which looks more than a little like the GT Track Series circuit toy AMG released earlier this year.

It is designed to fit GT2 regulations introduced in 2020, but unlike what the name suggests, it actually slots between the existing GT3 and GT4 cars. The GT3 machines are piloted by pro drivers and the GT4s are for those making their entry into serious GT racing. The GT2 bridges that gap, and is aimed at what AMG calls “Gentleman Drivers.” Which basically means rich guys with other jobs who happen to be reasonably, and sometimes very, handy behind the wheel.

Like the Mercedes-AMG GT Black on which it’s based, the GT2 is powered by a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 with a flat-plane crank, but power is reduced from 720 hp (730 PS) to 697 hp (707 PS) due to the balance-of-power system used in motorsport to try to level the playing field and prevent one marque dominating every event and series. That muscle reaches the rear center-lock wheels via a six-speed sequential transmission rather than the seven-speed dual-clutch ’box fitted to the Black.

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Naturally, aerodynamics play a big part in the GT2’s technical makeup. There’s a huge air outlet in the hood, saw-tooth vents in the carbon fenders and a giant swan-neck, multi-adjustable rear spoiler that AMG says combine with the selectable traction control and racing ABS to give the GT2 handling stability that makes it easy for less-experienced drivers to build up confidence.

You’ll also find a similar multi-stage traction control system on the console of the roadgoing GT Black, but that’s about all the two have in common inside. The racer has a full cage, stripped-down dashboard and a button-festooned steering wheel with no top or bottom to give the driver a better view of the digital instrument pack and the car ahead he’s chasing down.

AMG hasn’t released a price for the GT2, but it’s going to be upwards of $300k, and that’s before you’ve even started to think about funding an actual racing program for it. Bet start working those sponsors.


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