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Mercedes Partners To Promote Avatar: The Way of Water, Releases New EQE SUV Spot


Avatar raked in more than $2.7 (£2.2 / €2.6) billion at the box office, so expectations are high for the upcoming sequel Avatar: The Way of Water.

Set to be released on December 16th, the film will arrive more than a decade after the original and follow the Sully family as they fight for the future of Pandora as human forces appear to have returned.

While it remains to be seen if people are still interested in the franchise, Mercedes has a strategic collaboration with the film and will be launching a campaign centered around the idea of “Earth is our Pandora.”

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The campaign focuses on sustainability and will include a TV spot that briefly shows the all-new EQE SUV. The clip promotes the movie more than the electric crossover, but Mercedes‑Benz Group CEO Ola Källenius said “Avatar is one of the most successful film franchises in the world with a message that is also central to the Mercedes ethos and the targets set out in our ‘Ambition 2039’ [plan]. We share the belief that we need a more respectful approach to nature and that we must conserve its resources.”

There’s plenty of synergy between the film and the automaker as the latter offers eight different EVs, not including AMG variants. Mercedes is also planning to go electric-only, wherever market conditions allow, by 2030.

This isn’t the first tie-up between Mercedes and Avatar as the company introduced the Vision AVTR concept at CES 2020. Inspired by the original film, the concept featured a biometric connection for a “completely new interaction between man, machine, and nature.”

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