Mercedes Plans To Install 100 MW Wind Farm At Its Papenburg Test Track


Mercedes announced that it will build a 100 MW wind farm at its Papenburg test track in northern Germany that will cover more than 15 percent of its annual electricity usage in the country.

“The targeted expansion of renewable energies at our own locations is an integral part of our sustainability strategy,” said Jorg Burz, Mercedes’ head of production and supply chain management. “With the realization of the planned wind farm project in Papenburg, we are taking an important step in this direction.”

The farm is part of a larger plan to erect a double-digit number of wind turbines by the middle of the decade. It also wants to support the expansion of on-shore wind energy in Germany and of green power generation there, too.

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The company is also exploring adding solar panels to the site to further serve its power needs. The additions are part of Mercedes’ sustainability goals. Starting this year, production at its plants has been CO2 neutral.

The company is now pursuing its goal of covering more than 70 percent of its energy needs with renewables by 2030. By 2025, it will invest hundreds of millions of euros in expanding its use of solar panels.

“We make an active contribution to the energy transition and the expansion of onshore wind power in Germany,” said Burz. “By installing photovoltaic systems on the roofs of our plants on a large scale, we are gradually reducing our external energy requirements.”

The company will now complete an ecological impact review that will be completed in concert with local authorities. The 800-hectare site has been an important part of Mercedes‘ R&D activities since it was opened in 1998.


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