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Miami Floodwaters Destroy Garage Chock-Full Of Exotic Cars Worth Millions

Storms that have been described as dangerous and “life-threatening” tore through Florida earlier this month. The storms caused flooding in the state, including in Miami, where video footage of the carnage has emerged from a garage containing an extremely expensive collection of vehicles.

Posted to Instagram by @florida_corvette_owners, the video shows a collection of supercars and luxury vehicles clearly damaged by water. The video opens on a generator likely still pumping water out of the garage, which contains a couple of Rolls-Royce Cullinans, a C7 Corvette, several Ferraris, a Mercedes-AMG GT, and even what appears to be a Plymouth Prowler.

The extent of the damage is a little unclear, but the situation looks pretty bad. With dirt all over the cars and detritus all over the garage floor, it seems that the flooding was pretty extensive and may have even moved the vehicles around—the AMG GT looks like it might be sitting on top of a concrete divider.

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As CarThrottle points out, this isn’t the only video that has been posted of supercars struggling in the flooding. A C8 Corvette was filmed driving through water that goes up to its windshield. Shockingly, it does manage to get back out.

Although I don’t think Chevrolet would recommend it, the air intake placement and the bow wave seem to conspire to keep the engine relatively free of water. Just because a car makes it out of the water, though, does not necessarily mean that it has not been affected by it and, at the very least, the carpets look like they’ll be pretty soaked because of this soggy drive.

The flooding in Florida was triggered earlier this month by a storm that would eventually come to be labeled as Tropical Storm Alex. Heavy rains and sustained winds of 40 mph (64 km/h) were the opening salvos of hurricane season in the tropics this year, reports AccuWeather. The rainfall was heaviest in Hollywood, Florida, a suburb just north of Miami, that had a confirmed rainfall of 14.85 inches (37.7 cm).

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