Michael Flatley addresses criticisms of his new film Blackbird



Michael Flatley has responded to critics of his new film Blackbird.

The dancer opened up to Ryan Tubridy on The Late Late Show’s autumn return, sharing how he isn’t letting negative around his new project, impact his views on the film.

Saying: “I don’t answer them to be honest.”

“The press have always been good to me…If one or two of them don’t like this movie then that’s ok with me.”


Revealing he doesn’t read reviews, Michael explained: “I don’t read reviews because I don’t like negativity.”

Focusing on the positives, the dancer remembered all the good feedback from the premiere. Saying: “(At the premiere) we got a two minute standing ovation…really nice to see.”

Adding: “There’s no shame in failure, there is only shame in not trying. The only shame as I see it is not getting up and trying. Especially with the talent we have in the country… if Blackbird stands for nothing else, they never gave me a chance to do this. Go for it.”

Michael Flatley Pic: Brian McEvoy

Michael Flatley wrote, directed, and also stars in Blackbird, with it being a passion project of his for a long time.

The film features Lord of the Dance legend as a secret agent turned nightclub owner. Flatley plays Victor Blackley, aka Blackbird, a retired M16 spy who tries to escape his troubled past by opening a nightclub in the Caribbean.


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