Microsoft Cloud UAE prepares to offer tools to build the Metaverse


Microsoft Cloud intends to support companies in the metaverse by offering public mixed reality technology integration services, according to a 24. Oct report by Arab News.

Ihsan Anabtawi, COO of Microsoft’s UAE branch, revealed multiple products in the works to bring the software giant’s vision of the metaverse to life.

Microsoft views the metaverse through presence and connection in any space to enable people to build connections in the hybrid world. The company aims to engage employees and customers from the workplace in immersive worlds for new experiences, such as assuming the role of a creator and being part of a community.

Anatabwi believes the metaverse is important in bolstering the UAE’s digital and workplace transformation and streamlining operations and business models.

With that said, the company is placing its bets to actualize its metaverse services on multiple products. The first one is a product in the offing – an Internet of Things (IoT) platform that leverages mixed reality technologies to create a digital representation of things, business processes, and people in the real world.

The Microsoft HoloLens2, launched in the UAE on Jul. 20. 2022, is a headset connecting directly to the Microsoft Cloud for data analysis, iterative testing, and artificial intelligence. Companies can use the device’s holographic technology to render a model of the physical product and analyze related data before investing.

The device also enables remote assistance in the medical field. It also allows developers to build any experience and for users to access teams, collaborative apps, and purpose-built applications. In addition to customizing their avatars for meetings using Mesh, the device helps reimagine the meeting experience, according to Anabtawi.

Digital 365 Connected Spaces, currently in development, is another of Microsoft’s products designed to model how people move and interact within any space to expand metaverse adoption and experiences.


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