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Milwaukee Cops Get Violently T-Boned By Red-Light Runner


Two officers in Milwaukee have been lucky to avoid injury after their Ford Explorer patrol car was T-boned by an SUV at an intersection.

CCTV footage captured the moment of the crash, revealing that the driver of the SUV ran a red light and slammed directly into the side of the patrol car. The force of the impact destroyed the front end of the SUV and immediately flipped the Ford onto its side. It then slammed into a traffic light pole before coming to a rest.

The dash camera and bodycams worn by the police officers show the moments immediately after the crash. The female officer who was driving the Ford is visibly shaken and stressed after the crash while her male counterpart tries his best to calm and reassure her.

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Those who witnessed the crash at the busy intersection rush to the scene to help the officers and quickly push the SUV back onto its wheels.

Once the male officer exits the vehicle, the full extent of the damage done to the Explorer patrol car becomes evident. Not only is the driver’s side caved in from the impact but the rear half of the roof was destroyed by the impact with the traffic light.

Fortunately, the two officers avoided injury and it appears as though the female driver of the SUV that ran the red light also escaped injury.

The video was shared to Reddit and quickly drew the condemnation of the SUV driver, as well as the actions of witnesses to flip the squad car back onto its wheels, noting that doing so could have worsened the injuries the female officer may have suffered in the crash.



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