MINI Created An EV Charger In The Shape Of A Giant RC Car Controller


Ever since EVs have become mainstream, people have been comparing them to RC cars, especially in the way they sound. Now, Mini has taken that idea to a new level at this years LA Auto Show, in which they’re bringing an EV charger in the shape of a giant RC car controller.

The giant charger is around nine feet tall, and when sat next to a normal-sized Mini Cooper SE, it really does make the car look like a radio-controlled toy. And for those looking to charge their EV at the controller-shaped attraction, there’s special signage reading “CHARGE THIS WAY” that will lead you to a parking space painted with the words “OUT-FUN THE COMPETITION”.

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Another fun fact is that the charger’s design is inspired by various aspects of the Cooper SE, the electric version of the Cooper. The white base is a color called Nanuq White, a color that was named by fans and is actually available to get on the car. The top of the charger is painted black as a nod to Mini‘s tradition of offering their cars with contrast roofs. Finally, the wheel on the side, which would be used by a giant person to control the car’s steering, is an actual Mini wheel and tire assembly.

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While waiting for their vehicle to charge, EV owners can engage with the 10-inch screen located in the base of the charger. This screen features content from Mini USA’s “Nanuq the Polar Bear” ads, as well as a QR code that unlocks a Mini augmented reality filter. Once the charger’s stint at the LA Auto Show is done, it will go on tour to several different Mini dealerships across California before its retirement.


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