Mitsubishi Triton And Subaru Legacy Mashup Equals A Weird Off-Road Capable Sedan


Our eyes have seen plenty of interesting and unconventional vehicle mashups over the years, but people’s imagination never ceases to amaze us. The latest example of a wild vehicle conversion is a mixture of a Mitsubishi Triton and a Subaru Legacy, resulting in a pretty capable off-roader with a four-door sedan bodystyle.

The photo was shared on the popular Shitty_Car_Mods community by Reddit user RedFoxPro, without any information about the location or the circumstances. From the sign across the street and the visible plates of oncoming traffic, we guess that this unique vehicle was parked somewhere in Russia. It certainly takes a lot of space on this narrow city road, with our brains taking more time than usual to identify this weird four-wheeled object.

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The front end – including the headlights and the bumper – identifies as a fourth-generation Mitsubishi L200/Triton (2005-2015). However, the rest of the pickup body is gone, including the rear bed. To be precise, the lower part of the tail appears to be sourced from the L200, judging from the characteristic shape of the taillights, but that is pretty much it.

The upper part of the vehicle, including the greenhouse, the roof, the four doors, and the tailgate, comes from a fourth-generation Subaru Legacy (2003-2009). This unconventional marriage has been achieved with a lot of work in the front and rear fenders, wide bodykit extensions, and some rusty side sills which double as steps. Our best guess is that the five-seater interior was also sourced from the Subaru, making it roomier than the original double-cab pickup.

A Subaru Legacy (above) and a Mitsubishi L200 / Triton (below) were merged into a single vehicle.

From the hefty ground clearance and the large-diameter grippy all-terrain tires, it seems that the model retains the ladder-frame underpinnings of the Mitsubishi L200/Triton, despite the sedan cover. Thus, we suspect that under the bonnet lies a turbodiesel 2.5-liter engine producing 180 hp (134 kW / 182 PS). Power is most likely transmitted to all four wheels through either a five-speed manual or a four-speed automatic.

This is not the first time we see a raised sedan. A few automakers have tried capitalizing on the crossover/SUV popularity by adding rugged looks to four-door models but this trend never really took off, unlike the crossover station wagons. Thus, the owner of this Mitsubishi can brag they drive around in a pretty unique bodystyle, which can only be matched by the even weirder Aznom Palladium.


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