Mobilize Introduces Solo Single-Seater EV Concept And Ileo Moveable Chargers


Mobilize showcased a set of interesting concepts alongside the production version of the Duo and Bento EVs. The first one is an even smaller single-seater three-wheeler EV called Solo, while the other is the Ileo moveable charging station.

The idea for the Mobilize Solo came from Renault’s design studio in India, starting from a skateboard with an umbrella. The final concept looks more like a chair with a cover. It measures 1.37 m (53.9 inches) long, 0.90 m (35.4 inches) wide, and 1.75 m (68.9 inches) tall. Inside there is space for one person in a semi-seated position with a joystick instead of a steering wheel.

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The Solo has three wheels – two at the front which are driven by the electric motor, and a smaller one at the back for steering. Thanks to the limited top speed of 25 km/h (16 miles), the Solo doesn’t require a license to be driven. Also, the driver doesn’t have to wear a helmet, or even a seatbelt. Still, Mobilize claims that it is safer than scooters or single-wheeled vehicles thanks to its “enveloping body”, a single airbag, and a “foot-activated emergency button” for stopping.

The asymmetric design of the body means that the driver can enter from the left-hand side. The single seat swivels forward, revealing a storage compartment underneath the seatback. The interior is waterproof so it can be cleaned with a hose. Just like the Mobilize Duo, the Solo is made of 50 percent recycled materials and is 95 percent recyclable. The company is open to collaborating with the fashion industry for creating accessories for the Solo (clothes, bags, luggage).

The EV can charge through plug-in, inductive charging, or switching batteries. The battery is removable so the user can charge it at home. Speaking of charging, the Ileo Concept, designed by Mobilize and Patrick Jouin iD, is described as a “modular and movable power totem”.

The Ileo comprises three conceptual street furniture items that are easy to move and install. Amenities include a 22 kW DC fast charger for EVs, a micro-mobility station with a stand for e-scooters and e-bikes, plus a living area with a seat, shelf, and screen. The roof structure can be covered by vegetation for shade while energy comes from second-life batteries or photovoltaic panels.

Mobilize admits that the Ileo Concept “won’t be produced in the near future”, but is part of a “holistic approach” for an ecosystem of EV charging points in public spaces. Also, there is no word for a possible production version of the Mobilize Solo, which could depend on the public’s reaction to the concept.


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