Morgan Creates One-Off Super 3 With Almost A Soft Top


The Morgan Motor Company has partnered with swimwear brand Orlebar Brown to create a special example of the Super 3 that has been designed to show off just how customizable its model can be.

The OB x Morgan Super 3’s most special feature is the sunshade canopy. Designed to allow both the driver and the passenger to find some shade on a sunny day, it was created by the Morgan special projects team.

Like the seats, the sunshade is finished with a Khaki Sand technical fabric and features a body-colored frame that allows it to be removed completely. The whole thing is specially adapted to the body to fit around the flyscreens and the roll hoops.

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That’s not the only unique feature, though. The bespoke luggage racks feature a special geometric pattern and they are complemented by the red bungee cords that are arranged in a crisscross pattern specifically for this project.

The exterior of the Super 3, meanwhile, is painted beige, while the interior is finished with Khaki Sand technical fabric. Red accents feature not just on the luggage racks, but on the rest of the exterior and inside, too. The colors were chosen specifically to match the Orlebar Brown color scheme.

“Beautifully designed cars appear on every mood board as design inspiration for OB collections,” said Adam Brown, founder of Orlebar Brown. “I am very excited to be working with Morgan, bringing their history of classic design, iconic cars and dedication to craftsmanship. Values that we share. And I cannot wait to drive this extraordinary OB car.”

The OB x Morgan Super 3 will be touring some of Europe’s most exotic locations for the next 12 months. For its launch, though, it was handed over to Karl Shakur, an adventure photographer and visual artist who took the car on its first road trip to Wales and whose photos can be seen throughout this article.

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