Motional And Lyft To Launch Autonomous Ride-Hailing Service In Los Angeles


Motional and Lyft will launch a fully driverless ride-hailing service in Los Angeles using the Hyundai Ioniq 5.

The two companies are already conducting public rides in the Ioniq 5 throughout Las Vegas. Users in Los Angeles will have access to the new autonomous vehicles and classic rideshare services that use Motional’s Level 4 autonomous systems.

Lyft notes that Los Angeles is one of its largest ridesharing markets while Motional has had its operations and engineering presence in the city since 2016. Motional’s autonomous vehicles have driven millions of miles in diverse environments with zero at-fault incidents. The company believes that its autonomous ride-hailing service can reduce Los Angeles traffic deaths that increased 21 per cent in 2021 and pedestrian injuries that increased 35 per cent.

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“This is an exciting next step for Motional and Lyft as we bring robotaxis to Lyft riders in Los Angeles for the first time,” Motional president and chief executive Karl Iagnemma said. “Los Angeles is the second most populated city in the U.S. and represents a huge market opportunity for AV adoption. This service will build on the five years of commercial experience we already have with Lyft, and give Los Angeles riders a driverless experience that prioritizes safety, is affordable, and supports the city’s commitment to improved mobility.”

Research conducted by Lyft reveals that Californians have a higher interest in autonomous vehicles compared to the rest of the country, making it an attractive market to roll out such technologies.

“Los Angeles was the second city Lyft launched back in 2013 and it’s only fitting that it will be the second AV market we launch with our partner, Motional,” added Lyft chief executive and co-founder Logan Green. “Scaling AVs only works if riders can get a reliable ride, whether it’s autonomous or not, and together with Motional, Lyft will turn AV technology into transportation for Angelenos everywhere.”


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