MSCI introduces digital assets classification system in partnership with Goldman Sachs, CoinMetrics


Critical decision investment support tools provider MSCI, crypto intelligence firm, CoinMetrics, and Goldman Sachs have jointly introduced a digital assets data system that tracks token use cases, performance, and risk management, according to a Nov. 3 announcement.

The new data system, “Datonomy,” organizes tokens into classes, sectors, and subsectors based on the tokens’ use cases to paint a consistent view of the digital asset markets. Investors can also leverage the data system to manage risks and investments.

Additionally, users can use the data system to support their analysis and research, benchmark performance, assess emerging opportunities, and manage investment portfolios as well as investment products across Defi, crypto, metaverse, and smart contract platforms.

The data system is subscription-based or accessible through Marquee, Goldman Sach’s digital storefront for institutional investors.

Digital asset indicies

Datonomy will offer increased transparency and drive investment decisions based on MSCI’s digital asset indexes that aim to track the performance of the largest digital assets, as measured by their full market capitalization, as well as digital assets built on blockchain and digital assets tied to technology platforms supporting smart contracts. These exclude stablecoins.

A blend of single-digital-asset indices provided by institutional-grade digital-asset investment products and trading services, Menai Financial Group (Menai), and index provider Compass Financial Technologies will also be featured in Datanomy.

The MSCI Global Digital Asset ex Proof-of-work Index aims to give an overview of the performance of tokens that are not built on proof-of-work consensus mechanisms.

The MSCI Global Digital Assets Smart Contract Index tracks the performance of digital assets that are associated with technology platforms supporting smart contracts.

The new data system is introduced at a time when the digital asset markets are evolving at a rapid pace, which is occurring in parallel with investor demand for tools and solutions to navigate the new asset class, according to Stephane Mattatia, head of thematic indexes at MSCI.

MSCI is the administrator and owner of the new system, with Goldman Sachs, and Coin Metrics serving as members of the Datonomy advisory board and third-party data providers to be announced later.


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