Muireann O’Connell announces new podcast with comedian Emma Doran



Ireland AM’s Muireann O’Connell is taking on a new venture, putting her presenting skills to good use on a new podcast with comedian Emma Doran.

Announcing the news on Instagram with a video, Muireann said: “So we started a podcast, and it’s here!”

Captioning her post: “I know I’ve been banging on for years about being childfree but I’ve been keeping a secret…. I have a 30-something child. It’s [Emma Doran] so you know why I’ve been coy about it.”

“We have a podcast. “And Another Thing….” and it’s out now. I know, we should have warned you to run for cover.”


While Emma said in her announcement: “[Muireann] got herself a child and a new podcast.”

“‘And Another Thing’ out about 5 minutes ago there. Available in all the places podcasts are. Honestly.”

And Another Thing is described as: “a podcast in which host Emma and Muireann add to the conversation without contributing any value. Look, if its something worth saying, its probably already been said.”

Their first episode is already available and is a Halloween themed celebration discussing costumes, Irish traditions, fears and flashers.

Plenty of the pair’s pals were quick to send their support in the comment section.

Broadcaster Maia Dunphy said: “Amazing!!”

Radio presenter Tracy Clifford wrote: “Oh yes!”

Former Ireland AM star Anna Geary commented: “Brilliant! Gwwwwwaaaan the gals”

While social media star CROSSY said: “Congrats [Muireann and Emma] – pls may there be a ‘with wine’ edition”



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